Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Knitting Tutorial: Chunky i-cord knitting

Ever since Addi brought out their range of super-sized double pointed needles - up to 20mm - I have been having lots of fun knitting chunky i-cords. The i-cords can be used as a lariet scraf, felted for bag handles and felted and plaited too. The possibilities are endless. The Flower's lariet scarf kit is an example of this technique in use.

So, here is my step-by-step tutorial on how to make a cool chunky i-cord.

Materials: 2 thick double pointed needles (9 - 20mm) , chunky weight yarn. We used Slubby - Fluro Orange in the photos.

Step 1

Cast on 4 stitches with the double pointed needles (9mm used in the photos). Use whichever cast-on technique you usually use. I have used long-tail cast-on for the tutorial example.

Step 2

Knit the 4 stitches. The stitches will now be located at the left tip of the double pointed needle.

Step 3 - this is the most important step!

DO NOT turn the needles for the next row. Rather, push the four stitches you have knitted from the left tip of the needle all the way along the needle to the right tip - keeping the right side of the work facing you at all times.

Step 4

Knit the first stitch of row by inserting tip of needle in through front of the stitch and bringing the yarn around the back of the work and working the stitch (see photo below). When working the first stitch of each row ensure that you tighten it as you take it off the needle to avoid a long stretched thread at the back of your i-cord. Knit the rest of the stitches on the needle.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have the required length, giving the work a good pull every couple of rows to ensure the back thread feeds into the knitting evenly.

NB: The maximum number of stitches you can comfortably work an i-cord with is about 5 depending on the yarn you are using.

More ideas for the i-cord technique
  1. Try a purl stitch i-cord. It gives you a great ridged look.
  2. Try lots of different yarns together using the 20mm needles.
  3. Try a fine yarn with the 20mm needles to get a fine gosamer tube look.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Silver Mix of Knitting Yarns

Here is a shot of our newest bundle of yarns dyed in soft silver colour. I can't wait to try our 4ply Mist Mohair in this great new colour-way. I will be adding to our shopping cart this week.


Last week saw me making a nostalgic trip to the Sheep and Wool show as a guest at the Women of Wool lunch.

Mum and I ran a stall at the show a few years back when she had just started hand-dyeing wool. We had a lot of fun and I never forget the time Kaffe Fassett stopped to admire mum's colours and introduce himself. It was quite a buzz.

A few years on and the Wool and Sheep show is still thriving and full of activity. I spent quite a while in the sheep judging area and managed to snap this shot of one of the competitors. I was also lucky enough to sit next to the energetic Dot Vallance who organises the Woolcraft section of the show and have a chat about craft trends. Brenda McGahan from Wool Innovation also gave a great speech at the lunch about some exciting new projects the Australian Wool industry is involved with.


Thursday, 2 April 2009

Winding for winter

Here is a cute photo of David wearing one of our tangled hanks of hand-dyed merino. Check out his new laser-cut glasses.

I have been keeping my staff busy winding yarn over the last few weeks to make sure our yummy colours are all ready for winter. New colours are still a few weeks away as is the cold weather it seems.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Rainbow flower

I have always wanted to use our Rainbow Metro Collection - 24 perfectly graduated colours of the colourwheel - for more projects. This lovely Nicky Epstein crochet pattern is one of 8 motifs from the Medallion Medley pattern in Cocheting On the Edge. It is perfect for the rainbow yarn collection as is has 12 rounds of crochet - half the colour wheel. I am currently working on the blues and greens flower. I will put together a yarn kit for this one soon...

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Benjamin's Bunny

My continued obsession with crochet saw me making this cute bunny rabbit for my son Ben for Christmas. It is the first project to use our new Lara Cameron range of fabrics with the colour-matched yarn. The pattern is from Erika Knight's "Essential Crochet" and has an adorable little pom pom cotton tail.

I have put together a kit which you can buy from our new shopping cart. It includes the yarn, fabric, wool top stuffing, ribbon and contrast yarn for the eyes (book with pattern is extra).